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Philadelphia Proposal at Cira Green || BG Productions

There is always something special about capturing a proposal. They are all unique and you will never see two proposals the same. It’s the element of surprise which is exciting. And sometimes you have to hide in the bushes so you don’t ruin the surprise! However, this Philadelphia proposal at Cira Green is extra special to me. I have known James for a long time, I was one of his high school teachers.

I taught him 10th grade US history and 12th grade government. We are friends on Facebook, along with many of my other past students and I love keeping up with what they’re doing with their lives. You know me, I was one of those radical history teachers who used The People’s History of United States by Howard Zinn and Lies My Teacher Told. I wanted my students to learn the true history of all people that make up this country. And he was one of those kids that I really enjoyed teaching, even when he was causing trouble LOL. No seriously, he was a really awesome student and has turned into an incredible young man. I was so thrilled when he contacted me to tell me he was going to propose to his girlfriend Kristen.

The Proposal

After several phone calls and text back and forth we settled on a date and the location of this Philadelphia proposal at Cira Green. He used to work in that building before it became a cool city park. And it’s such a perfect backdrop with the city of Philadelphia behind them for the proposal. Of course in true James fashion he didn’t do it exactly the way we had planned but of course it worked out all the same LOL.

He popped the question and she said yes (of course!). Then I convinced them to take their coats off for some photos even though it was really cold out. They’re such troopers and their love just kept each other warm. I’m so thrilled for the two of them. I know he is going to make an awesome husband and I hope they have years of happiness and fun together. Cheers to James and Kristen!

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