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manyunk wedding at Artesano Gallery Philadelphia wedding photographer BeauMonde Originals

Allison + Daniel’s Manayunk Wedding at Artesano Gallery

Allison and Daniel’s Manayunk wedding at Artesano Gallery was a wonderful, laid-back, beautiful day. They first met while both at Penn State. She actually dated his roommate! Funny how things turn out! For a large part of their relationship, they carried on long distance. She resided in Philly and he lived in Baltimore. Now they’re in the same area, married, and excited for a life of adventure.

Once again the threat of rain was upon us for this spring wedding, but we were blessed with that holding off! We met up with the couple and their wedding party for the couples first look at the University of Pennsylvania campus. We took photos along Locust Walk area. I just love all the trees and various nooks and crannies for photo taking! And how beautiful did Allison look? Her sister was her MOH and a friend of Daniel’s served as his best man. Have we mention how we love small wedding parties LOL!!

There was some kind of children’s festival going on that day while we were walking around. They had a Mister Softee truck and we all got ice cream cones. It’s always a perfect wedding day when rainbow sprinkles are involved!!!

Once we left Locust Walk we went over to the Singh Center on campus. Daniel and his Best Man (who works there) spend most of their time while working on their Masters. And what a cool building. We were psyched to get a chance to go in there. There wasn’t a ton of extra time here but the light was Amazing and there’s even a roof top garden.


Then we headed over to Manayunk, nearby their venue Artesano Gallery, and took some fun photos at the canal. We drank Starbucks and worked our way over to their venue before their Katubah and Ceremony. This was truly a super chill wedding. It seemed more like we walked around for the day with friends stopping to take pictures of each other. Except we did all the picture taking LOL.

They had a beautiful ceremony and Katubah. I love the way they give the seven blessings: each person took the blessing and put it in a personal coach for the couple. It’s intimate moments like that that really personalize a wedding. The couple enjoyed their cocktail hour since we have gotten most of the family photos done earlier. We just needed to do a couple larger shots, including the various exchange students that he lives with Allison and her family over the years. The reception festivities included dancing, eating, and visiting with friends and family. That’s the way it should be!

We hope Allison and Daniel have a lifetime of fun together!!

Venue and catering – Artesano
Flowers – Etsy and DIY
Hair and makeup – Daniel’s sister
DJ – Frank Raffa Sound Sensations
Manayunk wedding photographer – BeauMonde Originals

manyunk wedding at Artesano Gallery Philadelphia wedding photographer BeauMonde Originals

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  • Nancy Rudolph Reply

    My favorite of Alli and Dan is kissing on the walkway at Penn with ice cream, Dan’s back is to the camera.

    June 16, 2017 at 3:45 pm

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