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Groom Responsibility – 3 Months Before Wedding Prep

A wedding is one of the happiest events in a person’s life. However, a wedding takes months or even years to prepare. And not everything is up to the bride (sometimes there isn’t a bride!). Professional wedding planners can help the happy couple organize their special day, but majority of the tasks need to be done by the couple themselves. These tasks can test the couples’ teamwork and devotion. We have some groom responsibility tips on what they should be doing 3 months before wedding prep.

Spencer before his and Lauren’s Hotel Monaco weddingFor the groom, getting married isn’t just simply kneeling down and proposing and then just enjoying the rest of the ride. Regardless of their gender (or what gender their soon-to-be husband or wife is), bother partners need to be involved in the wedding planning process. They need pull their own weight and they need to get involved in the preparations. And although some grooms do help with the planning, there are still those who fail in their duties. Duties like:

Prepare the Wedding Attire

This is 100% your department guys. What kind of groom has their bride help them get changed? They’re not marrying their mom; grooms should be able to pick an outfit on their own. Not to mention, it should reflect your own style.

Sean showing off his too-cool cuff links at his and Courtney’s Talamore Country Club weddingEven the most unfashionable chump needs to learn how to look dapper. Lucky for grooms, there’s not much extravagance needed to look sharp. They just need to get a tuxedo that fits well, attach a couple of fancy cuff links, and make sure to shave, get a haircut and tidy up well. That’s why grooms are called “grooms” and not brooms. We always advocate getting a new suit or tux instead of renting. You can have an affordable custom suit made for you at Indochino (one of our personal faves). More to come on that later.

Take Care of the Guests’ Accommodations

Regardless if they’re the bride’s or the groom’s, guests need a proper place to stay. Otherwise, they may not have a chance to look their best and their haggard looks may bother other guests. So three months before the wedding, check in with the invitees and see if all of their accommodations are settled. Grooms can even do this by themselves so that their brides (or partner) can focus on other details for the wedding. Once person shouldn’t be doing it all.

Guarantee the Bond

Wedding rings represent the love that couples share. They are are meant to be worn by both husband and wife (or husband/husband or wife/wife) for the rest of their lives. Whatever rock impedes their life-long journey together. That’s why most couples choose an exquisite set of wedding rings as they want a symbol of their love that’ll always shine resplendent.

Sometimes, if things look doubtful and the curve ahead looks dim, wedding rings remind the couple of why they started their journey. It’s a reminder of why they must push on through together. Guaranteeing that the wedding ring gets crafted perfectly ensures that the couple will always remember their love. That’s where the groom can come in.

During the proposal, it’s usually the groom who buys the engagement ring and gives it to their bride-to-be. Sometimes when it is a set they also take care of both wedding rings. The groom needs to make sure that the rings’ engravings and inscriptions match their fiancée’s preferences and that the measurements are adjusted to fit both parties’ fingers. Of course, we think it is better if you hunt for your wedding rings together if it isn’t part of a set!

Catherine + Jimmy’s wedding rings – John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove wedding

And Always Be the Best Partner You can Be

This one is obvious but worth reminding. Traditionally, the grooms are in charge of the financials (which may have been pooled by both bride and groom, through the bride’s dowry or paid entirely by the groom). While the bride takes care of the aesthetics and planning. Sometimes, it’s switched; and often, it’s shared. But in modern culture, more and more grooms are getting involved in the wedding plans and more brides are getting involved in the financial aspect. Working together as a team is the most important part!

Regardless, married life needs teamwork. And wedding preparations are just one hurdle that can gauge and grow a couples’ devotion to each other. So grooms, show your bride that you’re husband material. Show them that you’re the right partner to help them with whatever life throws at you. And remember – its YOUR DAY TOO!! Now get out there, and have the more fabulous wedding day ever! Hopefully, we’re taking your photos and video :)

Ashley + Ricky’s Knowlton Mansion wedding

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