Keep Your Business Up to Date with Branding Photos

Every business goes through a rebranding period at some point – you really have to to stay current and relevant to your customer base. Whether you’re a start up company and getting your brand out there for the first time. Or showing the people something new you have to offer. Or if it’s been a couple years and you feel like your brand needs a new look. It’s highly recommended to take a look at your branding as a whole at least every 1-2 years. Take a critical look at your website, logo and overall image in general. Can it be improved? Has your company shifted gears? Are you portraying the right you? We’re here to keep your business up to date with branding photos and video.

The world is constantly changing. As business owners it’s important to evolve with your market. Every year, new technology comes out and new needs are prevalent. It’s important to ask yourself – is your business keeping up with the trends? Does your website reflect you as a business as you continue to grow and offer your services to your customers? Does your “About Me” section still reflect your values and what you can offer. If you are logging in to update your website (or better yet, having us redo your site for you) then chances are you need to update your photos a well. Does your head shot still look like you? It might be time for a branding update. And we can help make your branding wishes a reality.

How to get started Rebranding

Your first step in rebranding your business is to Contact Us. We will work very closely with you to plan the perfect photo shoot and video shoot to give you the images you’re looking for. Here’s what we need to know to get started:

Why are you rebranding?

  • What about your current brand DON’T you like? (Because we will steer clear of that!)
  • What message are you trying to convey to your customers?
  • Are you offering something new you did not offer before?

What is the new look you’re going for?

  • Do you have a new color scheme you are envisioning?
  • Are there other businesses/companies out there that you love the look of?
  • In 5 words or less (a phrase or descriptions) what is your ultimate goal?
  • Think about location – this will start your “vibe” off the right or wrong way

Where will your new brand photos be used?

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Print magazines
  • Brochures
  • Billboards

We’re here to help you plan. But what can you do to get started?

  • Pinterest – just start typing in some types of shots you like: like portraits, head shots, etc. Take a look at our page for inspo.
  • Think about your outfit(s). If you are going for a more casual look, maybe a sundress. If you need a more formal look, maybe a pantsuit.
  • Do you need any props? Like a computer, cup of coffee, artist paint brushes, tools you work with, landscaping equipment, etc.
  • What will your backdrop be? This goes back to location. Maybe your office setting, school cafeteria, out on location, in your store, or wherever you conduct your business

We can’t wait to see what your vision is for your rebranding possibilities! We’d love to get started planning your success.

Let’s Work Together


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