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LGBTQ wedding at rideland mansion

Ann & Jess's LGBTQ Wedding at Ridgeland Mansion

Join us as Jess and Ann relive their wedding day. This one holds a special place in our hearts, and their photos really came out amazing. But that is because it was just the most perfect day filled with perfect love. Stick around for the photos below. And the first look is a really special one!

It was tough to nail down a day for the first date. Jess is a known traveler. Shortly after initially exchanging numbers, she was off on what was the first of many camping trips with her cousin. Although it took some persistence, Jess eventually agreed to Ann’s proposition for a brief post-work drink. Ann took Jess to the new Washington Heights wine bar, Kazza. What was scheduled to be an hour meet up turned in to several hours of talking). The rest developed throughout countless new adventures, trips around the world, and time spent in their Brooklyn apartment.

Surprising Jess with an engagement was no easy feat, only made more difficult as the date approached. After spending 3 months designing a custom engagement ring in upstate NY, Ann began to arrange the other details.
Ann convinced Jess to go to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden in mid-December in spite of Jess’ distaste for cold weather. Ann had all the details in place for the garden, the ring, and the post-engagement party with family when Jess informed them she had instead made plans with work friends. This minor hiccup was avoided by secretly obtaining her boss’ phone number and requesting the coworkers cancel plans at the last moment. Surprisingly, it worked without Jess ever having realized what was happening.
On December 8, Jess and Ann walked to the gardens and wandered around the somewhat desolate grounds. When they got to the Conservatory, Ann knew they had to choose a room. After much internal debate and nervous silence amidst Jess’ attempts at conversation, they decided on the Tropical Room.
Standing on the small bridge inside a makeshift rain forest, Ann asked Jess to marry them. Tears were shed but we did manage to get a photo. After the engagement, they walked to what would be the second half of the surprise. As they did, Jess tried to make several phone calls to family members to no avail. She wondered why no one would answer her excited calls! Luckily, Jess’ disappointment was short lived. They finished the walk through light snow, finally arriving at the nearby restaurant in which both of the families were waiting to continue the surprise and celebrate. Having a moment to enjoy the engagement alone together but also having our families there to celebrate with us were the best parts of our day.

Ann: Our Vows that we wrote ourselves. Jess: The planning! I enjoyed planning all the same details like place cards and the grazing table. We also had amazing vendors and enjoyed working with them!

Ann: Having the ceremony in the garden felt very intimate and was more special because of our vows and was officiated by Jess’ cousin. Jess: After having to postpone our wedding, my favorite part was having our favorite people together in one space. I also loved that my aunt made her Italian cookies and my cousin made us 3 beautiful and delicious wedding cakes!

We were going for a whimsical garden feel and put our trust in our florist (who did not disappoint!).

Eat at your wedding and stay as present as you can because it will go by so fast!

Wedding at Ridgeland Mansion vendors:

Ridgeland mansion wedding photographer – BeauMonde Original
Suit – Bindle & Keep
Dress – Martina Liana gown from Free Love Bridal Shop
Florals – Vault & Vine
Hair / Makeup – Makeup by S. Masco & Hair by Madison
Invites / signage – Maria Bond
Caterer – Joshua’s Catering
Cakes- Katheryn Singer
Deserts – Cookies – Rose Orapallo, Ice Cream Sandwiches – Weckerly’s
DJ / Band – Stylus DJ Entertainment
Officiant – Father Frank Souza
Photo Booth – Bluebird Hill
Ceremony Music – Miss Musique
Caterer – JAM Catering.

lgbtq wedding at ridgeland mansion bridesmaids photos
lgbtq wedding at rideland mansion cake cutting photos

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