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BeauMonde Behind The Scenes

Allow me to reintroduce ourselves…

Greetings, salutations… hello! I’m sure you have seen us here and there around the internet, but always wondered “Who the eff is BeauMonde Originals?”. Well, you’re in luck! Let me properly reintroduce ourselves to you all. Ahem… We are BeauMonde Originals! An award-winning team of content creators based out of Philadelphia.

We seek unorthodox and unique ways to tell stories. Whether it is your business, event, wedding, or even your brand and website. We are a space where individuality and creativity are highlighted and beautifully packaged for the world to see. 

Before I continue with my awesome introduction and breakdown of what BeauMonde Originals is and what we are about, I should introduce myself as well. It is a pleasure to meet you all! My name is Andriana Wilson (she/her). Not only am I a Photographer, but I am the newest member of the BeauMonde Team as their Marketing Specialist!

BeauMonde Originals Marketing Specialist
Andriana Wilson, BeauMonde Originals Marketing Specialist

I am thrilled to be offering my insights on social media management, marketing and branding to you all. Like you, I have been following BeauMonde Originals for years, wanting to be a part of the action. My goal is to bring you in it with me as we go BeauMonde Behind The Scenes!


So who the eff is BeauMonde Originals anyway?

Authentic Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Ok, so what does BeauMonde mean you ask? It means beautiful world in French. We are what we say we are… a beautiful world. Here at BeauMonde Originals, we love working with those who not only understand our world, but those who want to create a more beautiful version of it. Our core values are Authentic Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

We have a strong moral compass that guides how we treat everyone that we work with. We are always looking for the best, most creative individuals to work with and do not discriminate. However, we do give priority to hiring BIPOC, LGBTQ and Women. 


Wedding, Commercial and Web Design


BeauMonde Originals Philadelphia Wedding Photography
Cathie Berrey, BeauMonde Originals Creative Director, Lead Photographer and Editor

We are LGBTQ woman owned and operated by Cathie Berrey (she/her), our Creative Director, Lead Photographer and Editor. Cat is also an activist, traveler and former history teacher with over 30 years of photography experience. Having visited over 35 different countries, BeauMonde is truly worldwide! BeauMonde has been her pride and joy for the last 15 years. She is creative, passionate and not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the perfect shot. Cat specializes in wedding, food, product, travel, corporate / commercial photography as well as headshots.


BeauMonde Originals Philadelphia Event Photography
Melanie Weitzenkorn, BeauMonde Originals 2nd Lead Photographer, Office Manager and Communications Coordinator

Melanie Weitzenkorn (she/her) is our 2nd Lead Photographer, Office Manager and Communications Coordinator. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. Her fine artwork has been published in several photography books and has been on display in galleries worldwide.


Philadelphia Web Design Hosting Solutions, custom HTML, WordPress and Joomla
Martelle Pitts, BeauMonde Originals Web Designer and Developer 

Next, we have Martelle Pitts (he/him). He is our Web Designer and Developer. Martelle attended Drexel University with a major in Science & Technology. He is experienced in several facets of the web development industry including, but not limited to UI/UX Design, Hosting Solutions, custom HTML, WordPress and Joomla. 


Philadelphia Videography
J. Winfield Heckert, BeauMonde Originals Lead Video Producer and Editor

Lastly, we have our Videographer J. Winfield Heckert (he/him) or Winn as we like to call him. Winn is an award-winning film and video producer located in Delaware. He began making films at the age of fourteen. Winn has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through his degree in Film and Journalism and his 20-year career working as a professional filmmaker. To date he has directed one feature film and a slew of short films and music videos including “In the House of Madness” “Rockabilly High School” and “The Leg That Would Not Stop Living.” He is also the Lead Video Producer and Editor here with us at BeauMonde Originals.


We are artists that love to create and let our imaginations run wild!

BeauMonde is a diverse team of some of the most talented creatives out there. We are artists who dare to stand out from the norm… Which is why I am so happy to have been given this opportunity to begin my journey with you all.



I’m telling you, if you’re a business owner, now is the time for a brand refresh! Between our fantastic websites and amazing headshot/product photography your company will stand out from the crowd. Did I mention that we are now offering social media management, SEO audits and (what I’m most excited about) e-commerce solutions to help propel your company to new heights?! This team is the complete package, the cat’s meow, the bee’s knees… you name it! There isn’t a team more talented, creative, and dedicated than us. That’s who the eff BeauMonde Originals is. *drops the mic*

We observe. We feel. We create.

We have so many new and exciting things coming your way. Make sure to stay tuned in… you don’t want to miss out! Until next time, keep making our world a more beautiful place!

Oh, P.S., do you follow us on social media? Stay connected with us as we continue to tell your unique and exciting stories! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram 

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