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SEO is the “Key” to Being Seen Online

What is SEO?

In simplified terms, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, how you are found online. Like Google, Instagram uses SEO to help us find content relevant to what we are searching for.

It is important to use highly searchable keywords that properly represent you. A great tool to use is Google’s Keyword Planner. There you can find related keywords to your interests and see how they are ranked for usability. Using the right keywords allows your page to be discovered by like-minded people and suggested to your core audience. Instagram uses SEO to curate personalized “Explore” pages for every user. What users search for or take interest in is what is typically suggested to them. Therefore, it is important for your social media to have as many relevant keywords as possible.

It is extremely important to know your brand and messaging. Do you ever wonder why some of your posts have more interactions than others? Just like your bio is searchable through keywords, your content is as well. Until recently, content has been searched through hashtags. Instagram’s algorithm goes further than that and now uses keywords in captions to determine what is “explore page worthy”. While hashtags are still useful, having the right keywords in your bio and throughout your content is what will help solidify your brand.

What is SEO and Alt Text?

What you say matters

What you say on social media should match keywords used in your website and vice versa. This helps with your Google discoverability as well. As we said previously about branding, it is the “who, what, when, where, why and how”. Here are a few tips on finding the right keywords to use:

Example: Maria is a Florist in Philadelphia that specializes in wedding day arrangements. Although she does flower arrangements for all occasions, most of her events are weddings. Her audience enjoys her behind the scenes pictures and videos leading up to and arranging her wedding day set ups. She even posts a few DIY tips that her followers love.

Maria can use keywords such as:

Wedding Florist (who, what, when)

Philadelphia Weddings or Philadelphia Wedding Flowers (where)

DIY Wedding or Wedding Tips (why)

These are not only words that can be used to summarize who and what her brand is, but they also allow people who are searching for those keywords to find her.

Your social media bio is more than just an “about me”

It is an extension of your brand. It is a business card and landing page wrapped into one. A bio is your audience’s first impression of you and your brand… a 150-character business pitch. With a well written bio, you can explain your page’s purpose and make it clear on who is your targeted following base.

Let’s go back to Instagram. You have your username and then your name in your bio. If you have a username that doesn’t necessarily say what your brand is and what you provide, it is highly suggested to include that information in your bio name. Remember, Instagram uses keywords to help make you discoverable. You will want to make sure that WHO you are is properly represented as the user’s first impression of you. 

Next, the bio. This is where you will with the help of your choice keywords will summarize all that you have to offer. Keep in mind that your posts and website should contain these words as well, whenever possible. 

What the heck is “Alt Text”?

We’ve all been there. We post a picture and have seen “alt text” somewhere in the process… but what is it? Alt text, or alternative text is an accessibility tool used to describe an image for users who do not have the ability to see them. While that is the main purpose for alt text, it has a secondary function… SEO! Images paired with alt text that contains keywords is a winning combination. Essentially the same way SEO works for websites, blogs, and posts, it works for pictures and videos as well.

What is SEO and Alt TextInstead of your picture reading as “IMG828.jpg”, Maria the Florist should try something like “Wedding Flowers in Philadelphia”. Not only does it describe what is going on in her picture, but it is also making her content more searchable online. 

To wrap it all up…

SEO is the key to being seen. It is a content creators’ best friend for marketing and branding. Never leave home without it or post without it!

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