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Colors and Branding

Colors are used more than just as decoration. There is actually a science to how we respond to colors and how they make us feel. Think of your favorite brands. What colors do they use and what are your first thoughts about the brand?

When it comes to imagery and branding, how you represent yourself is extremely important. Keep in mind of your message and how you want to be represented.

BeauMonde Originals branding colors explained

Red evokes the emotions of warmth, excitement, boldness and urgency. Brands like CNN, Target, Coca-Cola are examples of how this color is used in their imagery.

BeauMonde Originals branding colors explained

Orange represents creativity, youthfulness and enthusiasm. We see this in brands such as Etsy, Nickelodeon as well as Soundcloud.

Optimistic, clarity and warmth is conveyed with the color Yellow. We see examples in brands such as McDonald’s, Mailchimp and Nikon.

Green represents peace, growth, serenity and health. TD Bank, WholeFoods and Spotify are great examples!

BeauMonde Originals branding colors explained

When you want to show trustworthiness, dependability, strength and tranquility, Blue is always a great choice! Think of brands such as Dell, Oral-B and American Express for inspiration.

There was a reason why Barney the Dinosaur was purple lol! You got it! It represents imagination. It also can be used to convey opulence and mysticism. Brands like Roku, Yahoo and Twitch all use this color well.

BeauMonde Originals branding colors explained

Classic, professional and edgy all can be used to describe Black. Luxury brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel all use this sleek color.

It is said that White “the absence of color 🙄”, however its far from that! White can use used for purity, balance and calm. Mercedes, Apple and Wikipedia all use White in their branding.

To sum it all up…

When thinking of branding, take the time to understand your brand’s identity and messaging. Remember, there is a science to this colors game. Colors are more than just for aesthetic purposes. Choosing them wisely can make all the difference for the marketing of your brand.

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