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BeauMonde Originals 9 reasons to update your website regularly

Have you updated your website recently?

This isn’t something that is often thought about, but keeping your website updated yearly is a great practice for this modern age. Websites are often your brand’s first impression to potential customers and should no longer be thought of as “set it and forget it”. As fast paced as the world is evolving around us… don’t you think your website should be as well? In order to stay competitive, your website needs to be kept up to date esthetically and functionally. 

I hate to be extreme, but a website can either set your brand up for success, or be the weak link that is holding you back. Sit tight and let me explain why. 

Reason #1: Technology 

In the digital age we live in, we rely on our wold to be faster, smarter, simpler and more secure. Always staying up to date with the latest tech allows your viewers with the best possible service and experience provided. 

Reason #2: Branding 

branding - website update

As your company’s vision grows, develops or change, your online presence should as well. Every time your brand goes through a make over, make sure your website is kept up to date with new imagery and verbiage to keep things fresh. 

Reason #3: Design

A poorly designed website can impact your overall user experience. Imagine a potential customer landing on your website. They are interested in your product/service but your website is confusing, hard to use and impossible to navigate. Realistically, what are the chances of them following through with the sale? Yeah, I wouldn’t have my hopes up on that either. A good rule of thumb to follow is that with every click (or action) a user has to take on your website, the less likely they will complete the transaction. A streamlined user experience is directly connected to the success of your potential success. 

Reason #4: Stay on Trend 

What was popular can very much so become out of date in the blink of an eye. Colors, shapes and even fonts can become an eye sore to some and leave a sour taste. As design trends change often, there is an importance in maintaining an appealing appearance for your audience. Think of our popular social media websites. What used to be flashy and colorful with bells and whistles in the past are now opting for a more cleaner, streamlined look. 

Reason #5: Improve Loading Speed

Improve Loading Speed - website update

One of my personal website pet peeves is slow loading speeds. We aren’t living in dial-up days anymore. Slow loading speeds is the number one reason for a high bounce rate of a website. There are many contributors to this problem. Broken codes, old visual themes, heavy image and video files, cluttered UIs, you name it. Doing a regular website overhaul allows you to make sure it is properly optimized for top performance. 

Reason #6: Data Safety 

It goes without saying that when we put our personal information into a website, we expect it to be a safe and secure. Unfortunately, data breaches happen all the time under our noses. It is our responsibility to ensure that user data is properly protected from hackers. Regularly reviewing and updating your website is a must. 

Reason #7: Mobile Flexibility 

What are the benefits of a mobile site? According to Statista, in 2021, over half of all website traffic globally was mobile-generated. A website that is not adaptable to mobile users can cost you big time. What fits visually on a desktop website may not necessarily work for mobile. Making sure your website is optimized for mobile use ensures that everyone is able to properly have full access to your content.

Reason #8: Improve Search Engine Rankings

website update - Improve Search Engine Rankings

Remember our talk about SEO and why it is important? It is the key to being seen online! Search engine algorithms change constantly. With those changes, if your SEO is not up to date, your website can possibly be left in the search engine dust. Making sure your keywords are kept up to date with your ever changing content ensures that what is displayed in search inquiries are accurate. 

Reason #9: Integrations

Is your brand on Instagram? How about Facebook? Youtube? Well share it! A great way to expand on your marketing is to make sure all of your platforms are connected. It builds brand strength and helps improve engagement. Not only, do you benefit from integrating social media into your website, there are countless of other third party plugins that will improve your overall user experience. Plugins enhance your website from allowing reservations/bookings, to tracking your website traffic, and even allowing customers to make payments and purchase products. 

Wrapping It All Up 

Your website should be treated as if it is your first impression, first line of communication and first operating piece of your company, ‘cause well, it is! Make sure your website gets all the love and respect it deserves because it works 24/7 for you. I know I threw a lot at you today and the task might feel a little overwhelming, but good news! Our amazing team here at BeauMonde Originals are highly skilled at not only making sure your website looks awesome, but works beautifully as well! In need of a website update? We’re here to help! 

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