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Refresh your Website, Branding and Social Media in 2023

Are you looking for a change of your business or organization’s look? Do you have additional services or products that you now offer that you need to showcase? Do you have a wonderful portfolio of client work that you want to show off? With the new year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to assess where you want to be in 2023. You should always be thinking: how can I improve my digital appearance… how can I stand out above the rest of my competition? It’s time to refresh your website, branding and social media approach in 2023. It’s time for the BMO REFRESH!

Philadelphia web design and marketing companyPhiladelphia web design refresh your website

The Bucks-Mont Collab website before and after BeauMonde Originals redesigned it completely. We currently offer them maintenance and social media management.

What is the BMO REFRESH anyways?

It is literally refreshing you look and online presence. Now more than ever, it’s SO important to have a cohesive and put-together look to be taken seriously. There’s so much competition now for every sector of goods and services. If you’re not standing out, you’re falling behind. BMO is offering all new services to get you in the right direction and boost your value.

Why is now the time to REFRESH?

A better question is, why did I wait so long? And how fast can we get this going? Well the answer is I don’t know, but you can make those steps NOW. And that also answers the second question… do it now!

It has taken a looooong time and been a hard road, but we’re on the other side of the pandemic as a national crisis. What a scary time right. But in that time, people had lots of time to start their new business ventures. That means there so many more people doing the same thing as you. Now picture this – a customer goes to your website and goes to another person’s website that is outdated looking and not user friendly. How much  do you want to bet they are hiring YOU all because of your website!

Website Design in Philadelphia

PA web design and marketing management refresh your website
Beaumonde Originals provided provided branding services, logo design, web design, and continues to provide maintinance.

You want someone local to Philadelphia to be your web designer, Great! It’s also not totally necessary to be local, as we have clients all over the country. All communication can be done virtually and easily. We’re here for you no matter where you’re located.

Your website is the “home” of your online presence.  We imagine you have refreshed some of your home spaces: moving furniture around, repainting th walls, getting new artwork that matches your current style. So why not do the same for your website?

Websites should be refreshed every 1-3 years so it had updated content, security, and the style your brand wants to portray.  Whether your current website needs a REFRESH or you are starting from the beginning we will work with you to create a website that aligns with your business and brand. It will always be user-friendly and mobile-responsive. You have a team of real people on your side to help you put your content together and make it look it’s very best.

Do you have a Branding Guide?

Maybe you have an old branding guide that doesn’t match your style anymore or maybe you’ve never made one to begin with. As styles and trends evolve over time your business may need to REFRESH its Look. It’s Feel. It’s Message.

Having a Branding Guide created just for your business is important. It helps to understand your brand style and how you are going to represent yourself or your business in the public and consumer eye. We work with you to help you chose your specific colors pallet, fonts, logos, and other aspects that you want to reflect your brand. This will help your clients and customers recognize YOU so when they see your content, they make a connection to your brand.

Branding in general is important because it ties everything about your brand together. This can be as involved or cookie-cutter as you would like. We love to take full reign of out client’s branding by also providing photography and video content to use across all of your branding needs.

Have you seen our other branding guides to get you going?

Logo Design

logo design philadelphia branding experts
Logo design for OnPoint Partners (We also did their website)

Every brand needs a logo. It’s the very first thing any customer or client will see from you, across any platform. Your logo will appear on your website, your social media, your business cards, letterhead, and any swag you offer. Your logo needs to be within your branding colors and font and be clear to read. Also, it just needs to look really cool and be of high quality.

Updating your logo is an important part of the BMO Refresh. Whether you want to change it completely or just tweak it a bit, our team has you covered.

Social Media management

social media management philadelphia web deisgn refresh your website

Managing a bunch of social media accounts can be exhausting! It’s a lot of pressure to always be posting on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkdIn regularly. It really completes the package of your online presence though so it so necessary. Now you don’t have to worry anymore, BMO can do that for you! Either as part of a complete branding package or by itself. We can take your content or create content for you. Let us take out the guesswork out of staying on top of your social media so you can focus on the work you love.

The BMO REFRESH Package Includes:

  • Website Refresh
  • Branding Guide
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Plan with integrated Use of Search Engine Optimization (using
    AdWords, Paid social media ad, split testing, etc)

We love to offer packages to ultimately save our clients money and make everything so easy for you. However, if you prefer to utilize individual services, we can also accommodate that as well.

Everybody loves a discount!

Thanks for sticking around to learn all about the BMO REFRESH! We do have a sale going for the end of 2022 for our new web clients:

  • $200 off new designs


  • 25% off your first year of hosting and maintenance
    *new web clients only

In order to take advantage of this discount, you must contact and BOOK your service by 12/31/22. Just get in touch, and we will get this thing started!

Philadelphia event photographer, Philadelphia event photography

Book the best photography / video team in Philadelphia

Make sure to get in touch if you’re looking for a locally owned photo/video, web design and marketing team with:

  • Over a decade of experience
  • A team of carefully selected lead and associate shooters
  • Original ideas and love to have fun!
  • Full support during the planning process
  • Licensed FAA certified drone pilot
  • The belief of going above and beyond

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