Enthusiastic • Creative • Unorthodox

We are artists.
We observe. We feel. We create.
We believe in what we make and who we make it for.
We are not out just for a buck.
We’re out to make the world.
A kinder, more BEAUtiful place.

At BeauMonde Originals we seek unorthodox and unique ways to tell the story of YOUR business, event, wedding or YOUR brand and website.

We seek out partners, collaborations and Rad couples that are looking not only for beautiful photography, motion assets and custom web design, but who are also purposeful, passionate, flexible, and fun. Folks who also want to create a more beautiful world.

“Our passion is to relentlessly fulfill yours.”

Our Talented Team

Al Green
Owner/Lead Videographer

Al is an entrepreneur in the creative photo/video field. He has created and sustained a multi-level business with his wife and partner that includes corporate photography and videography, weddings, travel and marketing/branding web design. He loves to travel the world (and love it even more when his work takes me around the globe) and has a passion for supporting human rights locally and nationally. He’s very involved in minority-based groups in his home-city of Philadelphia, volunteering and donating services whenever possible.

He has formal videography training, with an associate’s degree in Video Production and a Bachelors in Digital Film Making. He is a storyteller with an with an eye for details that creatively edits all your memories to capture the uniqueness of your needs.

Al specializes in corporate / commercial Videography, wedding and travel videography, video editing, short films, storyboard writing, and marketing / branding strategies.

Cathie Berry-Green
Owner/Lead Photographer

Better known as Cat, she’s a creative and offbeat photographer who has a passion for travel, activism and animals. She has been able to combine her loves in life along with her 11-year long (and counting) career as a successful wedding and commercial photographer.

She is a very organized person, stemming from her years of being a history teacher. Her photography is all about capturing an emotion and having those moments live on forever. Whether it’s your favorite image from your wedding photos or an advertisement that really spoke to you. Her artistic eye and technical skill in photography is unique and unmatched by others in the field. She’s also not afraid to climb up on chairs or lay on the ground to get the perfect shot.

Cat specializes in corporate / commercial photography, wedding photography, head shots, product and food photography and travel photography / planning.

Martelle Pitts
Web Designer/Developer

With an bachelors in Information Systems & Technology, Martelle has worked in several different fields under the IT umbrella from Web Development to UI/UX Design.

Melanie Weitzenkorn
Lead Photographer/Office and Marketing Goddess

Melanie works part time as Office Management for BeauMonde Originals as well as 2nd shooting and associate shooting. In 2010, she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston. She is proud to have exhibited her photography in galleries nationally and internationally and have had her fine art work published in a number of photography books. Melanie now resides in suburban Philadelphia with her husband, two children and two cats.

Brian Davidson
Lead Associate Videographer

Growing up I always enjoyed capturing video on my dads old VCR camcorder. Soon making home videos became my thing. It wasn’t until I started to learn how to edit that I really got involved with the production aspect of both shooting and editing. I really enjoy piecing all the events of the day into a story. To create and capture a moment and turn it into more that just a moment became addicting.In my personal time I like to cook and I am always looking to improve my skills. I used to be a very picky eater so I am making it my goal to try and cook all different types of foods. I have also become OBSESSED with chicken parm and do plan to chicken parm my way around the states and try it at every place possible!!!!!While I don’t spend too much time watching TV, when I do you can bet it is something from the History Channel or some kind of cool astronomy show!!But my FAVORITE thing to do…. I LOVE TO CRUISE !!!! I am making it a goal to attempt to sail on every boat possible and to every island possible. I don’t know what it is about the open sea but it is absolutely a place where I find myself so happy to be.

Jen Cleary
Lead Associate Shooter

To Jen, this isn’t about your special day. Your whole life is special, and she’ll make sure your photos show it. She’s shot Nigerian, Korean, Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Shinto, Jewish, Wiccan, Pagan, queer, multi-racial, courthouse, and tiny weddings. Need someone for your Indonesian/Ecuadorian/Presbyterian/Catholic ceremony? Too bad, she already did that. Actually, that one was pretty fun – she’d do it again in a heartbeat.And because she knows you only want the good stuff, she’ll have you know she’s a twice-over Emmy award winning television news editor, her photography hangs in the California Heritage Museum, and her wedding shots have been published on “Green Bride Guide”, “Offbeat Bride” and “So You’re EnGAYged.”When Jen’s not documenting your life, she obsessively trolls the food network. Did you seriously just add cumin? You blew it, “chef.” You blew it.Her recently play list is a mix of Talib Kweli, Bjork, Explosions in the Sky, The Talking Heads, Jay-Z, and Dirty Projectors. And Arcade Fire, Common, Elvis Costello, and Erykah Badu. Plus Blondie. And The RH Factor. And also Man Man. Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Matt Hurst
Associate Photographer

Shooting weddings since his early twenties, Matt brings ten years of experience to the table. His work has been featured on the Huffington Post, the Atlantic Citylab, and the Urban Outfitters Blog amongst others.For his personal work, he prefers to use medium and large format film cameras and will often utilize them a bit during wedding shoots as well. Many of his personal projects center around exploring forgotten roads in the backcountry of Pennsylvania and discovering incredible abandoned structures.In his spare time, Matt enjoys cooking and experiencing the fantastic food scene that Philly has to offer. He cooks a mean chili and has the trophy to prove it! Matt is also in the midst of building a tiny cabin – prefabricating it in sections in a South Philadelphia basement.