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Client: Black Music Heroes

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Black Music Heroes

Do you know about the rich history of Philadelphia’s black music? Philadelphia has long been known for African American music. Notable artists include Jill Scott, Boyz II Men, The Trampps, Patti LaBelle, Billie Holiday. More recently The Roots and Chill Moody. This is just to name a few. But there are hundreds of black artists from the Philadelphia area that made the music scene what it is today. And we can’t forget about places like the Philadelphia Clef Club of Jazz and Performing Arts that gave artists a place to showcase their talents. And that’s exactly what the Black Music City Grant celebrates and facilitates. An outlet for expression, a celebration of culture, and support for creation.

Black Music City recognizes and honors the influence of Philadelphia Black music history. It’s a collaboration between Philadelphia public music radio stations WXPN-FM and WRTI-FM and REC Philly. On Juneteenth in 2021 we celebrated and honored 23 granters winners with live music, storytelling, and a gallery of artwork.

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