Our Approach

At BeauMonde Originals we are experiential content creators.

We seek unorthodox and unique ways to tell the story of YOUR business, event, wedding or YOUR brand and website.

We observe. We feel. We create.

We believe in what We make and who We make it for.

We are not out for a quick buck...

We are out to make the world, a kinder, more BEAUtiful place.

Our Work

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Christina + Jared

Wedding Photography, Wedding Video, Weddings

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City Food Tour

Commercial, Commercial Photography, Commercial Video, Promotional & Social Media

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WA Builders

Commercial, Commercial Video, Promotional & Social Media

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Spot On

Commercial, Commercial Photography, Commercial Video, Interviews & Training

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Gunnip & Company LLP

Brand and Identity, Commercial Drone Photography & Video, Commercial Photography, UI Design, Web Design, Web Development, Web Hosting & Maintenance

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Cuba Libre

Commercial, Commercial Photography, Commercial Video, Promotional & Social Media

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Birchtree Catering

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Commercial, Commercial Drone Photography & Video, Commercial Photography, Commercial Video, Interviews & Training

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What Sets Us Apart

We seek out partners, collaborations and Rad couples that are looking not only for beautiful photography, motion assets and custom web design, but who are also purposeful, passionate, flexible, and fun. Folks who also want to create a more beautiful world.

Our passion is to relentlessly fulfill yours.

To Fight For What Is Right

We have a strong moral compass that guides how we treat everyone that we work with. We’re here to passionately advocate and support your passion or mission. From carefully navigating relationships for you at your wedding so that you get what you want out your day; to ensuring your brand story shines through and doesn’t get muddled with conflicting organization goals or messages.

To Embrace Your Inner Artist

We are artists who love to create and let our imaginations run wild, which is why we got into the video, photography, custom web design and storytelling business to begin with. We invite others to embrace their inner artist as we collaborate together to find new ways to bring your story to life. We ask that our partners share their aspirations, thoughts, and challenges so that we can work relentlessly to ensure the work we do delivers on your needs, first and foremost.

To Put People First...The Rest Will Follow

We believe in people over profit always. We will take the time to understand your unique story – whether it be for a product you’re trying to sell, a partner you’re about to marry, or a journey you are about to embark on. Our people are a part of our extended family. We ensure that every project is treated with love and care whether it’s for a special life moment or an important initiative for your organization or business. We treat every project as the start of a long-lasting relationship.

Always Go Way Beyond That Extra Mile

We come to the table to solve every challenge in a unique way. Since we are adventurous, this might mean that we’ll fly a drone to get unique footage for your organization’s brand video; hang from a rafter at your wedding to capture all those important moments; or scale a mountainside to get the best shot possible at any location around the globe. Think of us as an extension of your team and family.

The Latest

BMO News, Helpful Tips, Misc.

Wedding Day Tips | Philadelphia Wedding Professionals Advice

There is so much to think about when you are planning your wedding. It’s no secret that we have photographed A LOT of weddings. So let the Philadelphia wedding professionals give you some sound wedding day tips to make your life easier. Because we have seen it all! We know what works and what doesn’t work. At this point, we should probably add “wedding planner” to our list of expertise. But that would take away from our passion of wedding photography and videography. Instead, we will just share our first-hand experience of important things to plan for on your...

yoga branding session Philadelphia photographer Latasha Marie self help
Branding Sessions

Yoga Branding Session with Latasha Marie

Ok friends, this is definitely a favorite session of ours EVER. Meet Latasha Marie ~ she’s an example of a beautiful human being inside and out. She is an entrepreneur, wife and mother, yoga instructor, personal trainer, poet, storyteller, and down to earth real woman. The list could go on but I think you get the point. If you’re seeking to find the real you buried down inside and doing some soul searching, shes’s the one you want to talk to. If you need to get the creative juices flowing or get your body moving, she’s your girl. Latasha...

Clean up Philadelphia The Big Cleanup Rec Philly
Event / Documentary

Clean up Philadelphia | Giving Back to your Community

Giving back is the cornerstone of our beliefs at BeauMonde Originals. Since most of our business has been lost due to Covid-19 Cathie (lead photographer) has pivoted to spending a lot of her days giving back. She has been spending a lot of time volunteering and photographing at Everybody Eats Philly at their pop up events giving away food and other essentials. See our recent blog post on that. She has also been joining in at the many community cleanup efforts put forward by Rec Philly and Sunflower Philly. These groups have organized events to clean up Philadelphia. COMMUNITY – feeling of fellowship with others, as...

2020's Popular Wedding Trends Micro Weddings backyard elopement philadelphia
creative wedding photography

2020’s Popular Wedding Trends: Micro Weddings | Aleasha & Alfonso

Sometimes it’s hard to stop and look around and find something positive about this crazy year we’re living in. But one thing is for sure, and that’s Love is NOT canceled! Some venues may be closed and there’s all kinds of rules about indoor dining (all in the name of safety of course). Some couples are making the hard choice to postpone their weddings. But others are choosing to still have their wedding day and scale it down. Maybe a little bit, like having a full wedding day worth of formalities squeezed into a few hours. Or a lot,...

free food for kids in philadelphia
Event / Documentary

Everybody Eats Philly | Helping Feed Philadelphia

At BeauMonde Originals we have been non-stop volunteering and documenting what is going on in Philadelphia in 2020. With an activist background, lead photographer Cathie has been protesting and photographing the Black Lives Matters marches. And she has been out in the city helping the people any way she can. COVID-19 has affected so many American’s and it’s really hitting home in Philadelphia. We’re so happy to have connected with Everybody Eats Philly. They are helping feed Philadelphia during COVID by holding pop-up events where anyone in need can come get a hot lunch, fresh produce and groceries, other essentials like...

I cant breathe George Floyd protests Philadelphia
Event / Documentary

Black Lives Matter Philadelphia Protest Photography

We are BeauMonde Originals – a Black Vet and LGBTQ Woman-owned company. And we support Black Lives Matter and every one of you should too. If you have attended a protest in Philadelphia, you probably saw Cathie protesting alongside you and capturing it through photography. We have put together a collection of Black Lives Matter in Philadelphia Protest Photography. How did we get here? The beginning of a worldwide pandemic really started to highlight the systemic racism that our country was built on and has existed for all of history. It’s no coincidence that black Americans were at the core of major impacts of COVID-19...

mask portraits NJ wedding photographer
New Jersey wedding photography

NJ Backyard Micro Wedding | Cecelia & Dave | New Jersey Weddings

Cecelia and Dave’s NJ backyard micro wedding was perfect! It was held at her aunt’s home in New Jersey. They have a beautiful backyard with plenty of room for social distancing. Along with an gorgeous inside space where the couple helped each other get ready (I love this!!). Everyone was so respectful of keeping space and wore masks. They did the typical expected things like toasts, first dance, parent dances right on the lawn and cut a cake! Having a micro wedding does not mean you’re missing out on anything. The really important people are still there, you still get...

Best philadelphia wedding venues
BMO News, Helpful Tips, Misc.

Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues

Philadelphia and the surrounding area has some incredible places to get married. Philly is our home base and we have shot at hundreds of venues! Right now, it is so hard for couples who are planning their weddings due to Covid-19. They cannot get out and check out these locations in person. That’s why we’re trying to get the word out to venues we are doing no-contact virtual tours. And why we created this list of some of our all-time faves! We started out making a Top 10  Wedding Venues but there are just too many good ones. So here...

Elopement photography rose garden philadelphia
BMO News, Helpful Tips, Misc.

Philadelphia Micro Weddings and Elopements

To say that things are different in the age of Covid-19 is certainly an understatement. But one thing we know for sure is Love will prevail and people will continue to get married. What that may look like is definitely uncertain. As far as what wedding venues will be open, how many people can attend, etc. So many weddings have been postponed already for 2020. But people are still getting married. Weddings can still be done with adjustments to accommodate social distancing, limits on how many guests and other restrictions. One way people are shifting is having smaller weddings called...

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Client Update COVID-19

We are happy to be back at work telling Your stories and capturing Your special moments. Please know that our team is following the Philadelphia, as well as the CDC, guidelines by wearing masks while on the job and practicing social distancing. Please contact us so we can help your business grow in these changing times.