Capturing Every Moment through Photography and Video

BeauMonde Originals is a Black Vet, LGBTQ Woman owned business based in Philadelphia but travels the world. At BMO only 2 things matter on your wedding day. 1. you got married 2. you had fun doing it! That’s what’s important so let us worry about capturing all the awesome moments. Our team who specializes in wedding photography /videography/ Drone for creative and fun people. We LOVE small weddings, offbeat couples, DIY and pretty outdoors.

Whether you are hosting an intimate elopement or a grand adventure wedding, BeauMonde Originals is dedicated to your vision. They offer a variety of collections so that they can accommodate a wide range of preferences. Depending on your needs, this company can include one or two photographers, an engagement session, and videography services.

We believe in People Over Profit and We actively stand for social justice and equality for ALL.

How we shoot weddings...


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Chris + Rye

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Lauren + Jerry

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Christina + Jared

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