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Client: Cyndie + Allen

Services Utilized: Video Production, Photography

Venue Location: Sandals Grande resort in St. Lucia

Sandals Grande resort in St. Lucia || Cyndie + Allen

If you’ve been following us, you’ve probably seen our Travel Blog and know that we are avid travelers. We are so lucky to have work that takes us all over the world (and even luckier when we can extend any time abroad to add in personal adventures). So it was only natural that we would shift our focus with BG Productions to include a lot more destination weddings and intimate elopements. We have talked about this transition on past blog posts. And now you can see why, with Cyndie and Allen’s AH-MAZING destination wedding just last month. Our Sandals Grande St. Lucia wedding photography is one for the books for sure! We had such an amazing time, and even learned some lessons along the way.

The Sandals Grande resort in St. Lucia is just perfect!! I mean WOW – It’s so pretty there it doesn’t even look real. But you’ll have to take my word for it, this wedding really did happen and it was just as beautiful as the photos make it look! Their wedding ceremony took place in a chapel over the water at the end of a pier, hovering over the ocean. The quaint chapel was all white walls with the most amazing view out it’s open doors and windows. It really transported you to a whole other world. And that couldn’t be more perfect, as then the couple could really just focus on each other and their loved ones around them.

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