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Intimate Philadelphia Wedding Photographer Rooftop Elopement

Intimate Philadelphia Wedding || Rooftop Elopement

Just Perfect. That is how we would describe Jere and Jesse’s intimate Philadelphia wedding and rooftop elopement at the Philadelphia Free Library! Jere found us through a friend of a friend, whose same-sex wedding we captured a couple of years ago. We are so glad they did. This was the PERFECT wedding day.

First of all it was supposed to rain (it didn’t) and their whole wedding was just 13 loved ones plus them on the rooftop of the Free Library with Brule Catering. This really felt more like an elopement. Jere and Jesse planned it all in just a couple of months. And they kept it simple so they could be surrounded by those people most important to them. And it was obvious how much love everyone had for each other.

During their ceremony (lead by a friend), there wasn’t a dry eye. I actually lost it too when I looked over at Jere’s dad and he was wiping away his tears. It’s not easy to keep taking photos when you’re crying yourself! Having love and support from family is so important to LGBTQ couples. It is always so heart breaking when ones parents cant accept them for who they are. Jere’s dad gave a toast that talked about how happy he was when his son finally came out and accepted he was gay. He was just so much more himself his dad said! This is how it should be.

Can you believe this… During the ceremony, Jere’s ring fell into a crack in the cement! Oh no, can you imagine! But no worries, the staff was able to get it out. The couple had a lovely brunch provided by Brulee and just had a wonderful day.

We can’t even explain how Awesome capturing this day was. We truly love being the ones to make their photographic memories!

Philadelphia Free Library wedding’s inspiration

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