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Philadelphia Micro Weddings and Elopements

To say that things are different in the age of Covid-19 is certainly an understatement. But one thing we know for sure is Love will prevail and people will continue to get married. What that may look like is definitely uncertain. As far as what wedding venues will be open, how many people can attend, etc. So many weddings have been postponed already for 2020. But people are still getting married. Weddings can still be done with adjustments to accommodate social distancing, limits on how many guests and other restrictions. One way people are shifting is having smaller weddings called Micro Weddings. This is definitely not anything new, we have been capturing Philadelphia micro weddings and elopements for a long time. You could even say it’s our specialty. And in the era of Covid-19 more couples are opting for this alternative. Smaller, more intimate affairs.

First lets acknowledge if you already had/have a big wedding planned, it’s ok to mourn the loss of that. Planning a wedding can be hard enough without a global pandemic disrupting your special day. You spent countless hours making decisions and dreaming about what you thought your wedding day would be like. Make sure to lean on your family, wedding party, and your partner as you decide what your next steps will be. But there is no reason why you can’t still get married! You will just need to shift your mindset a bit and plan something that is possible, legal and safe for everyone. Would you consider having a Micro Wedding?

What is a Micro Wedding Anyway?

A micro wedding is an intimate affair, typically with no more than 50 guests. They still feature time-honored traditions that usually make up a traditional wedding but on a much smaller scale. The biggest advantage is that Micro Wedding cost a fraction of what a large wedding costs. They also open you up to limitless possibilities for location. And they doesn’t usually take as much planning and stress as a larger wedding.

You open up the world of unique spaces that are inaccessible to larger weddings. You could rent out a local café or restaurant, your favorite bar, a beautiful park, a gallery, or really anywhere you would never consider for a big wedding. These places are already designed beautifully in their own way. So you can possibly save on décor. Or stay 100% natural and go to your favorite National Park, Historic Landmark or neighborhood park. Keep in mind privately owned spaces and government own parks will likely require a permit.

Another advantage that is important to us is Micro Weddings can have a much lower impact on the environment and not as much waste.

To some this may sound like an elopement. So what is the difference?

The easiest and quickest answer is in the name: a micro wedding has a focus purely on the wedding itself. It’s similar to the traditional wedding, just on a smaller and more manageable scale. Elopement ceremonies are for couples who want total freedom and sometimes are done to the surprise of family and friends. There usually isn’t the reception afterwards. Whereas micro weddings are for couples who want a part of the traditional ceremony built into their day, but at a fraction of the price and stress.

And speaking of Elopements – Now more than ever, they just might be your best alternative option. Because really, all that matters is you get married to your best friend. Do you really need the whole Big Wedding thing? Some – yes. And that’s ok! But if not then grab your parents, best friend, an officiant and photographer to capture it all. Especially here in Philly where we are a Quaker state and you can have a Self-Unity wedding.

Book the best photography / video team in Philadelphia

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