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free food for kids in philadelphia

Everybody Eats Philly | Helping Feed Philadelphia

At BeauMonde Originals we have been non-stop volunteering and documenting what is going on in Philadelphia in 2020. With an activist background, lead photographer Cathie has been protesting and photographing the Black Lives Matters marches. And she has been out in the city helping the people any way she can. COVID-19 has affected so many American’s and it’s really hitting home in Philadelphia. We’re so happy to have connected with Everybody Eats Philly. They are helping feed Philadelphia during COVID by holding pop-up events where anyone in need can come get a hot lunch, fresh produce and groceries, other essentials like diapers. And most importantly a place to belong because the love for our community is overflowing.

We have been to all of their events volunteering to get the goods out to the people who need it and providing photography to help spread the world.

The first Everybody Eats took place in early June, when a group of Philly chefs were looking for a way to help support the community following the looting and property damage that occurred in response to the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. Chefs Stephanie Willis, Aziza Young, Kurt Evans, Gregory Headen, Malik Ali, and Milligan started organizing what they thought would be a small food drive in West Philly. They’re all also part of Cooking for the Culture, a collective founded by Milligan and Evans that highlights the work of Black chefs.  But word spread very quickly in the Philly restaurant community, and other chefs and owners starting asked how they could pitch in.

By the time the event took place at 52nd and Girard on June 5, less than a week after the organizers started planning it, they were able to give out 600 bags of food, along with essentials like diapers and toiletries. Building off that momentum, they set up another Everybody Eats for Juneteenth, with an event in West Philly earlier in the day followed by a cookout in North Philly.

Read more on Philly Eater and their great article the wrote up about Everybody Eats Philly.

How can you help?

  1. First and foremost, spread the word! Share this blog post please please please. Because chances are you have a friend that really needs this resource who may see it. Any person they can help is so important.
  2. Volunteer – Join their team to make this endeavor a success. Shoot them an email to find out how.
  3. Donate – non-perishable items are needed (dry foods, toilet paper, diapers, snacks, baby formula etc.). And if you’re feeling generous but can’t drop off they are accepting monetary donations as well. See the ways here.
  4. Restaurants, drop off donations for food distribution and for hot meals cooked on site. See the list of drop off locations here, but make sure to check with them first if they’re still collecting.
  5. Purchase swag right on their website.

When’s the next pop up event?

Funny you ask, hope you’re seeing this soon because This weekend! Everybody Eats Philly is hosting an event this Saturday, 8/8 at Kingsessing Playground in Southwest Philly! We hope to see you there. And keep an eye on their Facebook page for upcoming events.

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