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Giving back is the cornerstone of our beliefs at BeauMonde Originals. Since most of our business has been lost due to Covid-19 Cathie (lead photographer) has pivoted to spending a lot of her days giving back. She has been spending a lot of time volunteering and photographing at Everybody Eats Philly at their pop up events giving away food and other essentials. See our recent blog post on that. She has also been joining in at the many community cleanup efforts put forward by Rec Philly and Sunflower Philly. These groups have organized events to clean up Philadelphia. COMMUNITY – feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

Giving Back to Your Community – The Big Cleanup

The Big Cleanup is organized by Rec Philly and so many creatives that we have connected with to better the community. Some amazing people who are a part of doing amazing things in Philadelphia (shout outs because you’re all amazing!): Gianni Lee – Fine Artist and owner of BabylonCartel. Tierra Whack  – contemporary rap and R&B star from Philly. You can find her music on Spotify. Ryan Harris – From Youth Connect Philly, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to enhance the lives of at-risk youth exposing them to new concepts through enrichment activities. William Tyrone Toms – Co-Founder and Visionary at Rec Philly. That’s just to name a couple, along with so many others doing great things. I always tag anyone involved in my photos whenever I can over on Instagram. Make sure to follow for the most current content.

Follow #TheBigCleanUp and join in on the next one! Bring a broom and get ready to start cleaning. Because this is our city, let’s keep in beautiful. Make a simple change with a major impact.

Sunflower Philly Cleanups

Sunflower Philly is another organization getting out there and cleaning up Philadelphia. Sunflower Philly is a community-based, nonprofit organization focused on providing access to art, music & sustainable resources through a curated series of events and programs in North Philadelphia. They started Trash Club – an awareness program built to educate citizens on the reduction of waste and shift the consumer mindset toward reusable, zero-waste, and sustainable lifestyle choices. I have participated in two community cleanups – “The Gang Picks Up Trash” Operation: Clean Streets – with them and am excited for the next! Make sure you check them outdonate if you can and volunteer if you can.

Cleaning supplies were generously donated thanks to our partners over at Not in Philly, and Pennsylvania Resources Council and  SKCP (South Kensington Community Partners). Lunch was provided by Poe’s Sandwich JointLuna CafeMemphis TaproomHuman Robot Beer and Liquid Death water.

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  • Charlie Reply

    That’s a great initiative, Cathie. We’re all in the same boat now but hopefully everything will come back to normal soon. And it’s good to give back no matter what!

    December 18, 2020 at 3:24 am

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