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Client: Cecelia + Dave

Services Utilized: Photography

Venue Location: New Jersey

New Jersey || Cecelia + Dave

Cecelia and Dave’s NJ backyard micro wedding was perfect! It was held at her aunt’s home in New Jersey. They have a beautiful backyard with plenty of room for social distancing. Along with an gorgeous inside space where the couple helped each other get ready (I love this!!). Everyone was so respectful of keeping space and wore masks. They did the typical expected things like toasts, first dance, parent dances right on the lawn and cut a cake!

Having a micro wedding does not mean you’re missing out on anything. The really important people are still there, you still get to celebrate and do all of those “traditional” wedding events. It’s just less time and choosing to do the things that really matter to you as a couple. In my opinion it’s so much more special and intimate. You can read more about what a micro wedding is and a few we’ve shot recently. If you’re beginning your wedding planning and wondering the best Philadelphia venues, you can check out this resource. And if you’re wondering how to get started choosing the right photographer, give this blog a read.

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