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Cecelia & Dave’s NJ Backyard Micro Wedding

Cecelia and Dave’s NJ backyard micro wedding was perfect! It was held at her aunt’s home in New Jersey. They have a beautiful backyard with plenty of room for social distancing. Along with an gorgeous inside space where the couple helped each other get ready (I love this!!). Everyone was so respectful of keeping space and wore masks. They did the typical expected things like toasts, first dance, parent dances right on the lawn and cut a cake!

Having a micro wedding does not mean you’re missing out on anything. The really important people are still there, you still get to celebrate and do all of those “traditional” wedding events. It’s just less time and choosing to do the things that really matter to you as a couple. In my opinion it’s so much more special and intimate. You can read more about what a micro wedding is and a few we’ve shot recently. If you’re beginning your wedding planning and wondering the best Philadelphia venues, you can check out this resource. And if you’re wondering how to get started choosing the right photographer, give this blog a read.

Cece’s tells it from her perspective…

“We decided to pursue a NJ backyard micro wedding due to multiple reasons. One, my dad has a chronic condition that affects his sight so getting married this year was very important. Two, this pandemic has brought sadness to so many people. It has caused people to lose jobs, lose loved ones, and cancel plans. We just wanted to feel happy for one day during COVID 19. 

Then the protests due to the unjust killing of Black Americans hit the nation and myself. I was paralyzed with rage and sadness. How was I supposed to get married during all of that? Also, my now husband is white. How were we to join families during this time? We were both so overwhelmed with how to move forward. That’s when I said that social justice and the loving couple have to be a part of our ceremony. We were a prime example of how racism was embedded in our country. Our union would’ve been illegal in 1967. We had to talk about that. 
We can’t not talk about race in this country. It’s is constantly in our faces. For example, people still get uncomfortable when Dave and I down the street. They are visibly upset that we chose to love each other. We had to call out that out. Part of being anti-rascist is to not shy away from the uncomfortable feelings that you may feel. You have to question it, unpack those feelings, and build yourself back up with education. 
I’m so happy that we had our microwedding and grabbed the bull by the horns by not shying away from what is currently going on in this country. The racism and bigotry can’t be ignored anymore and I wanted my wedding to be a part of its dismantling.”

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  • Terry McBride Reply

    We are so proud of our grandson and new granddaughter. We love you both and wish you every blessing. (p.s. looking forward to beautiful great grand babies down the road).

    August 7, 2020 at 10:49 pm

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