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Rothman Roller Rink Philadelphia photos

Content Photographer Philadelphia Center City District

Have you ever wondered what sets some cities apart? Every city has its own aesthetic, culture, vibe, etc. Philadelphia is no different, and what a great city it is! There are certainly economic problems here, racial disparity among other issues just like everywhere else in the world. Some of the neighborhoods here have been hit hard, exacerbated by COVID-19 and political turmoil. Thank goodness for organizations like Everybody Eats to help those in need. And The Big Cleanup project, where volunteers literally clean up neighborhoods in Philly. Well, in Center City Philadelphia, you’ll find the Center City District (CCD) keeping it clean, going around as part of the homeless outreach, maintaining many parks, and putting on events for all to enjoy. And BeauMonde Originals is the content photographers for the CCD. It’s a perfect fit because we LOVE this city and we want to make the world a better place – it’s our motto.

Content photographer Philadelphia Center City District

Here, the awesome people at CCD are keeping their city streets clean and reaching out to the homeless.

Content Creation Means New Images For Use in Your Brand

When you think of a content photographer, you’re probably thinking events and head shots. Yes, those are so important! As we’ve talked about in our branding photography blogs. But depending on what your business or organization does, you probably need general images to use as backgrounds, banner images, space fillers for your website, etc. that fit your brand. Where these may not seem the most exciting images to use for marketing, it’s equally as important for a cohesive look for your brand. And there’s nothing boring about drone images. That is guaranteed to set you above the rest (literally) in your brand image.

Center City District's Summer Events

The CCD has a lot going on this summer! Is anyone else happy it’s summer, SO beautiful outside and just to spend time out with people in general? You can always find something happening by visiting the CCD event calendar. Here was a fun one: we captured the opening of the Butterfly Exhibit with story time with the Butterfly  Queen herself.

The Rothman Roller Rink at Dilworth Park

Here’s one of our favorite things ever!! The Rothman Roller Rink at Dilworth park is open now through July 11th. You can get all the details about visiting this fun Philly to-do on their website. We were there to get content photography for their opening weekend extravaganza.

The new Rothman Orthopaedics Roller Rink will offer outdoor roller skating at Dilworth Park. While you’re there skating, enjoy the Air Grille’s pop-up beer garden, The Dilworth Park Café, and Dilworth Park’s interactive fountain will be active on either side of the roller rink. Fun for kids, fun for adults!

Take a look at our photos from there and tell me that you don’t want to go, I dare you. We’ll meet you there.

Do you need content photography in Philadelphia?

You’ve seen just a tip of the iceberg of the content photography we provide for Philadelphia’s Center City District. We love having this type of relationship with local organizations and businesses. Regular content creation for use on their website, marketing materials, social media, and anything else they need. You can see what we’ve done with Philadelphia’s Fitler Club too.

Philadelphia photographer drone center city philly

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